high pressure cleaner accessories


Today we introduce some accessories of high pressure water jet cleaner and we can learn more about high pressure water jet cleaner.

Total set high pressure cleaner included main machine(high pressure pump/diesel engine/electric motor drive etc)、high pressure gun、high pressure nozzle、foot control valve、flexible gun、flexible gun nozzle、pipe cleaning nozzle,sandblaster nozzle、rotating nozzle etc.

First let us introduce high pressure gun.for high pressure gun,we have three models for your choice:

1.500bar,max pressure is 560bar and max water flow is 80L/Min

2.700~1500bar,material is stainless steel and max water flow is 100L/Min

3.1500bar~2800bar,this is ultra high pressure,max pressure is 2800bar and and max water flow is 50L/Min

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