high pressure sewer jetter cleaning nozzle high pressure washing nozzle

Name:high pressure sewer cleaning nozzle

Material”stainless steel/aluminium alloy

Nozzle thread:M16*1.5/M22*1.5/M27*1.5/M30*1.5/G1/4,etc for your choice,we can customized

Nozzle type:one holes in front and 4/5/6 holes in back


Water flow:30L/Min~300L/Min

how does the pipe cleaning nozzle work?

Sewer cleaning nozzle is configure with pipe dredger.Pipe dredger, also known as sewer dredger and cleaner, is a high-pressure cleaner. It is characterized by medium pressure, large flow and high-pressure water washing. The sewer dredger is powered by gasoline, diesel or electric. It is equipped with a high-pressure pump to provide water pressure boosting, convert ordinary tap water into high-pressure and large flow water, and cooperate with the work of dredging pipes and rat heads to clean the dirt inside the pipes and unblock the pipes.

Application range of pipe dredger

Industrial pipes in factories

main pipes in property communities

kitchen pipes in hotels and restaurants

drainage and sewage pipes

rainwater pipes

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