stainless steel high pressure washing nozzle

Name:high pressure washing nozzle

Material”stainless steel

Nozzle thread:G1/4

Nozzle type:high pressure cylinder nozzle and high pressure fan-shaped nozzle


Water flow:15L/Min~120L/Min

Cylindrical nozzle is the most commonly used continuous jet nozzle, which is a solid flow nozzle developed on the basis of cone convergence. Because the jet ejected from the solid flow nozzle concentrates the impact force and target distance locally, the maximum impact force can be obtained, and its shape is also easy to produce.

The fan-shaped nozzle is a flat and uniform jet produced directly by the nozzle shape. Its jet has good compactness and the diffusion angle can also be greatly changed. Generally, the angle of the fan-shaped nozzle on the high-pressure washer can vary from 10 ° to 40 °. If the angle is too large, the atomization will be serious and the energy loss will be large. The commonly used angles are 15 °, 25 ° and 40 °. Its advantage is that the cleaning area is several times larger than the cylindrical nozzle, and it is used in some occasions where the cleaning area is required to be large and the cleaning speed is required to be fast.

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