The ultimate guide: Engineering application of high pressure cleaner


High-pressure cleaners have been widely used in civil construction, mining, metal processing and other industries. On the basis of the ultra-high pressure and high power pump unit, the high-pressure cleaner for different engineering application targets greatly improves the application field and the technical added value of the pump.


1. Tube bundle cleaning


The connection between the pump, the control valve, and the spray head (rotary spray head and spray rod) can clean the pipeline. The larger the working parameters of the pipe bundle, the more complex the cleaning and the higher the efficiency. However, the latest technology for cleaning the tube bundle tube process to get rid of the manual operation of the spray rod is to force the feeding and recovery of the spray head pneumatically to realize the automatic function.

The picture below shows the GuangYuan multi-nozzle feed cleaner. The principle is that a pair of gears driven by a pneumatic motor is forced to rotate and feed ultra-high pressure hard tubes. The transfer switch is very convenient for the manual hand-held online operation of the equipment and is dedicated to cleaning the removed heat exchanger.


1) Select a long enough guide rail and extension pipe to match the feed length of the nozzle;

2) Pneumatic rotating gearbox to ensure the injection rod into the rotation action;

3) The support ensures the axial feed and transverse feed positioning of the nozzle;

4) Pneumatic control box controls the whole process of operation;

5) The use of several nozzles at the same time needs to match the industrial and mining parameters of the pump.

The key to this device is the pneumatic and mechanical mechanism.

2. Complete equipment for ultra-high pressure wall climbing and derusting


Ultra-high pressure wall climbing embroidery complete equipment bar its goal is ultra-high pressure water jet derusting, mounting robot operation, vacuum system adsorption and slag discharge, water derusting non-return rust bar quality to achieve “platinum” (Sa2.5) degree.

Composition: 250MPa, 185kW, ultra-high pressure pump unit, wall-climbing robot, and its control, vacuum pump unit.

The wall climbing robot acts as the actuator, and two motors drive the walking robot. The walking robot synchronizes with the walking robot, and the straight walking robot turns when the walking robot is asynchronous.

The ultra-high pressure water is sealed to the four spray rod nozzles by ultra-high pressure rotation, forming a rotating jet of rust removal.

The vacuum pump unit uses the robot vacuum chamber to make the robot attached to the wall and, at the same time, suction wastewater and iron debris from the vacuum chamber to ensure that the operation is removed and dried and no rust occurs in a considerable time.


3. Application example of pulsed jet


The pulsed jet greatly improves the operating efficiency because it changes the conventional continuous jet into a discontinuous jet with a striking force array, significantly reducing the unit power zone. The goal pursued by the laboratory has been commercialized and applied in recent years.

The technical solution of the Canadian VLN company is to realize the forced pulse jet by the complete set technology of ultrasonic generator (220V, 15A, 1500W) as the core. First, the distributor is connected to the 220V power supply socket, which distributes the appropriate voltage and current to the control system and ultrasonic generator (USG). The USG converts the 220V power supply into an ultrasonic voltage signal (up to 3500V, 0.43A). The USG connects the cable through the air-cooled metal hose to the converter bar. This scheme ensures that the system obtains the electric shock signal and the superposition of high-pressure water jet and airflow to form the ultra-high pressure pulsed jet bar, which is then transformed into a rotating jet through the rotary joint.

If the high-pressure hose does not have a water flow bar, the control system automatically shuts down the USG; Similar to the baffle, if the airflow is cut off, the baffle pressure drop signal immediately closes the USG. Human trigger switch (voltage: 24V).


4. Complete equipment for hydraulic crushing


The advantage of high-pressure water jet technology in breaking concrete bars is that it does not produce a stress diffusion bar and can destroy layer by layer at any depth bar. It is often used for road and bridge damage, tunnel repair, and dam maintenance.

The hydraulic crusher bar, its complete set of equipment, comprises a high-pressure pumping station, waterwheel, and crusher three parts. Technical parameters: pressure 100 MPa, unit power 290 ~ 440kW, operating width 1.5m.

The principle of automatic walking and control of the crusher matched with the pump unit is to use multiple beams of rotating water jets to move the transverse reciprocating motion along the guide rail as if the woven bar’s row is broken by line. Hydraulic crushers combined with the hydraulic robot can realize horizontal plane, vertical plane, ground, and top surface operation.

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