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Zhengzhou Guangyuan Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2012 and has been devoted to exploring & developing new fields of a high-pressure water jet market brand. With the approval of the Zhengzhou Trade Bureau, we are located at the national-grade Hi-Tech Development Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China. We not only equip to design, manufacture, and sell, but also customize the high-pressure cleaning machine with any specifications and requirements of customers.

Located in Henan Province, China, Guangyuan is one of the professional high-pressure water jet manufacturers and suppliers. We are constantly engaged in research and development of cleaning equipment, focusing on providing high-quality products that can be used in industrial cleaning and family cleaning – such as shipyards, power plants, starch factories, etc.


Industrial Tube Pipe Water Jet Cleaner


The industrial tube pipe water jet cleaner is a machine used to finish a surface that’s already been cleaned up. It uses a powerful and efficient pressuring system that will spray out any dirt, rust, or paint left on the metal’s surface. I feel that this device has many valuable benefits to consumers and could be more affordable if sold more.

When you have industrial applications, you need to rely on your equipment. After all, a lot of money and resources are being put into these worksites. You may be at fault if they go down because of your equipment. That’s why it’s a good idea to work with a company like ours that can provide what you need to do the job right.


Sewer Drain Pipe Water Jet Cleaner


Have you ever wondered how to clean sewer drain lines? Ideally, our sewer lines in the modern age should not be clogged. However, sometimes clogs occur, and we need a machine that can reach far enough down the line and blast them away. There are even blockages that aren’t visible. It would help if you used a water jet machine such as the Sewer Drain Pipe Water Jet Cleaner.

Sewer drain pipe water jet cleaner is a high-pressure water jet machine designed to clean sewer drains, pipes, and hydro jet drain cleaners. The sewer pressure cleaner is the most frequently used because it is more economical, easy to use, and easy to carry and maneuver than other drain cleaning machines that require a truck or trailer. These machines are also called:  hydro jetters, water jetters, sewer jetters, and drain cleaners. They are portable machines specially designed to clear different types of blockages found in pipes and drains. If you properly maintain: the sewer line, storm drains, etc., there will be no clog problems, and you can use this machine to clear clogs that might occur in the future.


Paint Rust Remove High-Pressure Cleaner


Shipyard rust removal, paint removal, ship hull cleaningOil stain removal, and other surface treatment are essential parts of our business.

Ships are constantly exposed to water, often on rough seas. As a result, they tend to get dirty and rusty very quickly. The hulls of ships are usually painted with zinc-based primers and paints to protect them from rust – but this doesn’t always work. When the paint is damaged or wears off, it must be removed and replaced.

For example, in the oil industry, where large amounts of oil must be transported across oceans, ships can suffer from high levels of corrosion if they aren’t properly maintained or cleaned regularly. This can lead to costly repairs that could have been avoided if the ship had been properly maintained.

We have many years of experience in this field and a good reputation in the world market. We use an imported high-pressure steam cleaner with international standards to clean your vessel’s surface and make sure it is clean and safe for you to use.


High-Pressure Concrete Cleaning Machine


The 500bar high-pressure concrete water jet cleaner is an ideal cleaning tool for removing grease and dirt from surfaces that are difficult to reach. The high-pressure concrete water jets have been designed to clean various surfaces such as concrete, metal, wood, glass, stone, or plastic. These nozzles are available in different sizes and pressures so they can be adapted to any surface type.

The 500bar water jet high-pressure concrete water jet cleaner is a high-pressure water jet machine that can remove grease and dirt from the equipment’s surface. The high-pressure concrete water jet cleaner can also be used to clean the pipes and tanks of cement plants, oil refineries, and chemical plants.

The 500bar water jet high-pressure concrete water jet cleaner is very beneficial for industries such as construction, mining, shipbuilding, etc., because it eliminates the need for manual cleaning of these industries by using chemicals or other abrasive methods which may cause long-term damage to surfaces being cleaned.

The 500bar water jet high-pressure concrete water jet cleaner has many features that make it an ideal tool for cleaning different surfaces.




Looking for cleaning equipment manufacturers and suppliers? Zhengzhou Guangyuan Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional designer, manufacturer, and exporter of high-pressure water jet machines and cleaning systems. As a famous brand for years, we accumulates extensive experience in designing, developing and producing cleaning machines. Our company will provide complete solutions to our customers who request our services. We want to build long-term cooperation with business partners. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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