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Bark Cleaning High Pressure Cleaner

Bark Cleaning High Pressure Cleaner Product Details






1480 rpm

High pressure pump

Italy COMET Brand;

Rate Pressure

500 bar / 7200 psi

Water flow

23 L/min

Plunger dia.


Diesel engine

33kw, 4-cylinder HD brand

Bark Cleaning High Pressure Cleaner Product Performance

1. Small Volume, bigger power, easy to be move (with wheels)

2. High pressure pump imported from Italy UDOR, copper pump head, ceramic plunger

3. Pure physical cleaning without adding any chemicals

4. The pressure regulating valve is stainless steel body, alloy valve core

5. Resistance of high temperature,high pressure, corrosion

6. We have diesel engine/gasoline engine/electric motor drive for your choice

Bark Cleaning High Pressure Cleaner Accessories



High pressure hose

30 meters

Water spray gun

1 set

Fan-shaped nozzle

2 pcs

Cylinder-shaped nozzle

2 pcs

Single hole rotating nozzle


Spare Part

1 set

Bark Cleaning High Pressure Cleaner Application Field

1. ship hull paint rust remove

2. Concrete Surface Roughing

3. Factory oil cleaning

4. Root carving bark cleaning

5. Steel plate cleaning

6. Small advertisement removal

7. Power plant line pipe cleaning

8. Fish meal factory cooking tank cleaning

9. Casting sand cleaning, etc.


Customization Options

We understand that different industries and cleaning requirements may have specific needs. Therefore, we offer customization options, allowing customers to tailor the machine to their unique requirements, including pressure settings, nozzle configurations, and accessories.

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