2 Sets of 1400bar Hydro Blasting Machines Sent to Saudi Arabia


Last month, our customer in Saudi Arabia ordered 2 1400bar hydro blasting machines and a 1400bar high-pressure pump from us. We have sent the equipment yesterday.

The 1400bar high-pressure water jet cleaning machine is a commonly used and hot-selling piece of equipment in industry. Its rated pressure is 1400bar and its rated flow is 50L/min. The pressure and flow can be customized according to customer requirements and construction site. The high-pressure pump introduces advanced German KAMAT technology, stainless steel pump head, stainless steel nickel-plated alloy plunger, and forced cold water cooling. The drive can be optionally driven by electric motor or diesel engine.

Application areas:

This equipment is suitable for industrial tube cleaning in starch plants/sugar plants/steel plants/power plants/chemical plants, cleaning of heat exchangers and condensers, descaling and cleaning of various tanks and kettles such as boiler pipes, and high-pressure water jet metal cutting. Ship paint and rust removal, drilling platform cleaning, etc.

Zhengzhou Guangyuan High Pressure Cleaning Equipment Co., LTD. specializes in the production and operation of various high-pressure cleaning machines, ultra-high-pressure cleaning machines, pipe dredging machines, high-pressure water roughening machines, high-pressure pumps, pressure test pumps, high-pressure hoses, high-pressure water guns, imported nozzles, etc. Each equipment is customized according to customer requirements and construction site.

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