Bullet Train Carriage cleaning customized Hydro Blasting Machine


In April, China Railway Administration Xi’an Branch customized a high-pressure cleaning machine for cleaning bullet train carriages with us, and we delivered it as scheduled on May 6, 2024.

This hydro blasting machine adopts a 350 bar dual-pump and dual-motor design. One cleaning machine can achieve the effect of two, and can meet the needs of four high-pressure water guns working at the same time. It is equipped with an automatic hose reel, which can automatically retract and retract the high-pressure hose. In addition, the front, rear, left and right There is a small door on each of the four sides, which can realize the independent closing of each side, which is a very personalized design. The high-pressure cleaner is equipped with universal wheels and a handle at the rear, which can be moved with a gentle push.

This high-pressure cleaning machine can not only clean high-speed rail carriages, but also meet a variety of cleaning needs such as floor cleaning, exterior wall surface cleaning, breeding farm cleaning, etc. Pure high-pressure water cleaning, no need to add any chemicals, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

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