ultra high pressure water jet industrial pipe cleaning pump

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Rate Pressure

1500 bar / 21750 psi

Water flow

50 L/min

Plunger diameter


Inpurt speed

1480 rpm

Pump speed

366 rpm

Plunger stroke

120 mm

Diesel engine

180kw,weichai brand


1. For the machine, pump is use the tech. of Germany WOMA.

2. Pressure is stable and reliable, easy to be adjust.

3. It is installed with a high-pressure alarm and high-temperature alarm for water conservation.

4. The high pressure gun is use the stainless steel material, Max pressure 1500bar

5. Has two filter, for inlet water filter out. Could be filter out the tiny particles from the inlet water. Good for long-working life of the pump.

6. Has explosion-proof system, could explosion-proof if you use this machine on chemical plant.

7. With a high-pressure alarm and high-temperature alarm for water conservation.

8. Could be used on starch factory, steel mill, chemical plant, power plant, for cleaning and maintenance. 




High pressure hose

50 meters

High pressure gun

1 set

Fan-shaped nozzle

2 pcs

Cylinder-shaped nozzle

2 pcs

Flexible gun


Flexible Gun Nozzle


Steel Gun


Steel Gun Nozzle


Foot control Valve


Spare Parts

1 set


1.Many area industrial cleaning purpose, heat exchanger tube cleaning, condenser tube cleaning, pipe cleaning, reactor tank cleaning, filter screen cleaning, boil cleaning, tank cleaning, etc…

2. Pipe pressure test, valve / hose pressure test, hydro pressure test, etc

3. Water injection 

4. Cement plant pipe cleaning, grease remove from the equipment surface, fouling layer removal

5. Construction industry, car/truck cleaning, mixing drum/tank cleaning, tar/cement/agglutinant cleaning, etc

6. Food processing plant, mixing tank cleaning, grease/ fouling layer / residual removal, evaporator/boil cleaning, etc

7. Shipyard rust removal, paint removal, ship hull cleaning, boat surface cleaning, dirt removal, sea creatures remove from the hull bottom. 

8. Metallurgy plant, heat exchanger tube cleaning, boil, feed tank, warehouse dirt cleaning, descale removal

9. Machine producing plant, volume / pipe / tank / rust / oxide skin cleaning…

What is an Ultra high-pressure water jet cleaning pump?

The Ultra high pressure cleaner also called the ultra-high pressure washer, or an ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaning method that uses high-pressure water jets to clean objects. This method uses a solid high-pressure water jet to clean the surface of an object. The cleaning solution can be added to the water jet to remove impurities. UHP water pumps are designed to provide high pressure and flow rates of water at an affordable price. Ultra high pressure water jet cleaning pump is a new type of high-pressure cleaning equipment used to clean oil stains, paint, rust, and other stubborn dirt on metal surfaces. This method is often used in the food industry and other industries to clean large pieces of equipment, such as pipes. Because it can clean large items in just a few minutes, it saves time and money compared to other methods of cleaning equipment. It can also be used for cleaning the floor, walls, and other surfaces. It is also called high pressure cleaner or high pressure washer.

Ultra high pressure cleaner for industrial pipe fouling cleaning

Ultra high-pressure cleaner is a kind of high-end cleaning equipment. It is used to clean the surface of the pipe and can be widely used in the chemical industry, mining, metallurgy, and other industries. Ultra-high pressure cleaners are also known as high-pressure ultrasonic cleaners. Using ultra high-pressure cleaners has many advantages over traditional cleaning methods such as hand scrubbing. Ultra-high pressure cleaners are widely used in many industries such as oil refining, power plants, petrochemical plants, etc., which can effectively remove stubborn oil stains on oil tanks, pipelines, and valves; clean the corrosion layer of metal surfaces; remove rust on metal surfaces; remove dirt on metal surfaces; remove paint from metal surfaces; remove grease from metal surfaces, etc.;

The advantages of using a high pressure cleaner for industrial pipe fouling:

The high pressure water jet can clean all kinds of grease and oil stains on the inside wall of pipes, which is difficult for standard cleaning tools, especially those containing various chemicals.

Compared with other methods, such as chemical cleaning, hot water jetting or acid etching, and so on, it is more economical and efficient. The equipment used is simple and easy to operate, and the cleaning effect is more obvious.

Because it has a wide range of applications, it can be widely used in various industries such as oil refining and petroleum processing, petrochemical, papermaking, textile, food processing, and other industries that have pipes with fouling problems.

1. It is fast and efficient in cleaning the pipes.

3. It can be used on different pipes and fittings with little or no damage.

4. It can be used on various surfaces, including stainless steel, cast iron, concrete, plastic, and more.

5. The equipment is easy to use and safe to use by anyone who has been trained in its use correctly before starting work.

6. Less risk to personnel, as there is no need for manual scraping or brushing when using a high pressure cleaner.

7. The risk of damage to equipment due to the use of traditional cleaning methods is eliminated.

8. The risk of damage to the environment is reduced by using high pressure cleaning equipment

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