Hydroblasting Machine 40000 psi


Hydro-Blast is a powerful industrial cleaning tool that uses high pressure water to blast away contaminants from surfaces. It can be used for cleaning and stripping old coatings, removing paint, graffiti, rust and dirt from concrete floors, brick walls and more.

Hydro-Blast’s high pressure water jets are much more efficient than conventional methods of surface preparation, such as sand blasting or grinding. The water jet will clean the surface without damaging it. This results in a smoother finish that requires less preparation prior to coating applications. The Hydro-Blast machine also saves time, money and energy over traditional methods of surface preparation.

The Hydroblasting Machine 40000 psi blasts water out of its nozzle at up to 40000 PSI which is more than enough pressure to remove dirt from most surfaces such as concrete floors, walls, vehicles and much more. This high pressure allows you to clean large areas quickly without having to wait for the equipment to recharge before using it again like you would have to do if using a lower powered model with less pressure capabilities.

The Hydroblasting Machine can be used to blast away dirt, grime, paint and rust from almost any surface. It has many industrial applications such as cleaning parts after machining or welding, cleaning mold release agents off molds prior to pouring new parts or coating them with release agents, removing oil from equipment before painting (e.g., automotive engines), removing paint from equipment before painting (e.g., auto bodies), cleaning walls prior to painting or wallpapering (e.g., apartment buildings), cleaning walls prior to hanging drywall on them (e.g., commercial buildings), cleaning building exteriors prior to applying new coatings or overlays on them (e.g., commercial buildings).

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