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High Pressure Phosphorus Removal Water Jet Cleaning System

Product Details





Inpurt speed

1480 rpm

High pressure pump

Made In China

Rate Pressure

190 bar / 2800 psi

Water flow

480 L/min

Diesel engine power



1. For the machine, pump is use the tech. of Germany KAMAT

2. It has big water flow and high pressure advantages

3. Pressure is stable and reliable, easy to be adjust

4. Pure physical cleaning without adding any chemicals

5. We have diesel engine drive and electric motor drive for your choice

Product Advantage of High Pressure Phosphorus Removal Water Jet Cleaning System :

There are four main methods for removing phosphorus from cold-rolled steel sheets and strips to remove surface oxide scale: pickling, mechanical, deformation and high-pressure water removal. The high-pressure water physics method is used to clean the oxide scale on the surface of the steel plate. There is no acid mist, no dust, and no pollution. Water is recycled, no waste water, and no waste gas emissions. The cleaned waste residue is recycled by the steel plant. High-pressure water phosphorus removal has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection and is widely used.

Appication Field of High Pressure Phosphorus Removal Water Jet Cleaning System

1. Strip steel production line

2. Section steel production line

3. Hot rolling production line

4. Cold rolling production line

5. Cold drawing production line

6. Casting production line

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