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Sewer drain pipe high pressure cleaner
Sewer drain pipe high pressure cleaner

High Pressuer Water Blasting Machine Sewer Jetter For Sale

Product Details





Rate Pressure


Water flow

50 L/min

Plunger diameter


Inpurt speed

1480 rpm

Pump speed

1480 rpm

Plunger stroke

21 mm

Gasoline engine



1100mm length*800mm width*1050mm height

Main Features of sewer jetter

1. Pressure: 100~500bar ( 1450~7250 psi)

2. Flow Rate: 15~23 L/min Power: 4 kw~ 22 kw

3. Under 200bar, the pump is made in China, with the tech. Of Italy AR, 200bar to 500bar, the pump uses the imported Italy AR pump. It’s classified into the direct-coupled type and the belt-driven type.

4. Water is divided into cold water cleaner and hot water cleaner.

5. Small Volume, bigger power, easy to move (with wheels)


high pressure hose


pipe cleaning nozzle


High pressure gun


Floor cleaning device


What is Water Blasting Machine Sewer Jetter?

High pressure Sewer Jetter water jet cleaning machine is used to clean sewers, pipelines, underground pipes, and other hard-to-reach places. The high pressure jetting machine is easy to be operated, fast and efficient in cleaning the sewer. A sewer jetter is designed to remove blockages from toilets and drains by using pressurized water to break down clogs. It will also remove any dirt or grime from the walls of your drain pipes, making them look new again! The water jet is made of high quality stainless steel. The water jet cleaner is specially designed for industrial customers and contractors who need to clean the sewers with high quality products.

4 reasons why you should get a sewer jetter:

1. Clearing blockages. Sewer jetting is perfect for clearing blockages in your drainage system. This will help to prevent flooding and keep your home clean.

2. Unclogging pipes. You can use sewer jetting to unclog pipes if you have slow-draining sink tubes. This is because they use high-pressure water to remove any debris lodged in pipes.

3. Removing tree roots from drains. Tree roots can cause significant damage to your sewer system and can cause it to back up. If this happens, you need sewer jetting services to remove these tree roots from drains.

4. It is cost-effective – The process requires less manpower and equipment than traditional plumbing methods like digging up and replacing pipes or using chemicals to unclog them. This makes it easy on your wallet too!

How Does High Pressure Water Jetting (blasting) machine Work?

This high pressure water jetting machine can be operated by a single operator or two operators. It is also possible to operate this equipment using electricity or diesel fuel. The primary purpose of using this equipment is to clean the sewer pipes and efficiently remove stains and dirt from various surfaces.

The high pressure water jetting machine consists of a pump, motor, pressure regulator, hose, and nozzle. The pump moves the water from a source such as a water tank or main supply through the hose to the nozzle. The motor turns the pump which creates pressure in the hose. The pump operates on a diesel or electric power source. The nozzle directs this high pressure stream onto your surface—the high pressure water stream reaching up to 180bar(2610psi). The water flow rate should be between 0-50 liters per minute, depending on the size of the area being cleaned. Input speed and Pump speed will reach highly 1480 rpm. And better, besides the more extensive power, it also has a small volume with wheels. Effectively increase your cleaning range.

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