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Automatic High Pressure Cleaning System for Heat Exchanger

Product Details





Rate Pressure


Water flow


Plunger diameter


Inpurt speed

1480 rpm

Pump speed

366 rpm

Plunger stroke

120 mm

Electric motor



3200mm length*1600mm width*1700mm height

Main Features

1.High pressure pump introduced Germany KAMAT advanced technology;

2.Stainless steel pump head; Stainless steel nickel-plated plunger, forced water cooling;

3.Both directions of the gun can be adjusted to quickly provide proper cleaning;

4.Forward stop to ensure complete coverage of the pipe, optional rear retract stop to protect the casing and operator;

5.Power flexibility selection, suitable for cleaning heat exchangers of various specifications;

6.Positioner provides convenient flexibility and can be tilted to match the beam surface of the pipe segment angle;

7.Effective rotation to clean the inner diameter of the pipe;

8.Rigid rods provide stronger forward striking power than flexible rods to remove difficult deposits;

9.Up to 3 rotating spray guns can be remotely operated simultaneously;

10.Can work continuously for a long time, saving time and effort.


1.Cleaning of chemical industry such as heat exchanger, cooling tower, boiler, evaporator, etc.;

2.Machinery industry Cleaning;

3.Central air conditioning cleaning;

4.Petrochemical Plant Cleaning

5.Condenser cleaning

6.Evaporator cleaning

7.Pipe Descaling

The automatic high-pressure water jet cleaning system is the most convenient method of cleaning heat exchangers. This system does not require manual operation of hoses at close range for cleaning, improving the efficiency of cleaning operations. High-pressure water crushes the scale layer and makes the scale peel off. It is a device that obtains high-pressure water through a high-pressure water pump driven by a motor or a diesel engine. It is flexible during cleaning and has a significant effect on carbon scale or hard scale that cannot be removed by chemical cleaning.


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