Advantages of high-pressure water jet cleaning machine in industrial equipment cleaning


The high-pressure cleaning machine uses a high-pressure water pump to produce high-pressure water jets with multiple angles and different strengths. This kind of water jet has extremely high speed and huge impact energy. It can complete different types of tasks. It can completely cut, squeeze, crush and flush the scale, attachments and blockages in the equipment being cleaned to achieve complete cleaning. It can be used to remove oil, rust, scale and other dirt generated during industrial production. It is widely used in thermal power generation, petrochemical, shipbuilding, construction, food, transportation, aerospace, and other industries.

Because it uses high-pressure water jets to clean dirt, high-pressure cleaning is also one of the world-recognized scientific, economical, and environmentally friendly cleaning methods. According to on-site use and process requirements, it can be divided into: cold water type, hot water type, gasoline engine type, diesel engine type, and explosion-proof type in special occasions.

The following are the advantages of high pressure water jet cleaning machines.

1. Good cleaning effect

From the perspective of high-pressure cleaning, its main feature is that the cleaning effect is relatively good. Compared with ordinary cleaning methods, it has a more obvious cleaning effect. Using high-pressure water for water jet cleaning can remove all kinds of scaling and blockages, reducing the possibility of dirt residue, and is also ideal for cleaning equipment and facilities. Moreover, this cleaning method can also reduce damage to metal objects, ensure the integrity of the facilities, and avoid many problems.

2. Fast cleaning speed

The overall cleaning speed using high-pressure water is faster, and the scouring of the water jet can quickly break up the scale and let it fall off. Compared with traditional chemical cleaning, it is faster and has dozens of times more effect than ordinary manual cleaning. With the promotion of this technology, it now has good and stable applications in many processing industries, and its safety has also been greatly improved.

3. Good cleaning safety

Compared with traditional cleaning methods, the high-pressure water cleaning method is much safer. Cleaning with chemical agents will inevitably cause some environmental hazards, but cleaning with this kind of high-pressure water can better avoid problems such as environmental pollution and equipment damage. Judging from its current overall use, it is increasingly becoming an ideal cleaning choice, with better results for equipment and facilities.

4. Clean and pollution-free

Since high-pressure water cleaning uses clean water as the medium, high-pressure water cleaning does not produce a large amount of dust like sandblasting and simple mechanical cleaning, which pollutes the atmospheric environment and harms human health; nor does it produce a large amount of waste liquid like some chemical cleaning. Contaminate rivers, soil and water quality. The water jet uses clean water as the medium, which is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic. After the sprayed jet is atomized, it can also reduce the air dust concentration in the working area, which can reduce the atmospheric dust from 80mg/m33 by other methods to the safety level stipulated by the state. The standard is less than 2mg/m33, so it will not cause any pollution.

High-pressure cleaning is a relatively stable cleaning method today, and the cleaning effects it brings are still very good. When making the actual choice, certain considerations must be taken, and the environment, equipment and facilities should be taken into consideration. Properly use high-pressure water for cleaning so that it can have good application effects. You must also consider it during actual cleaning to minimize the possibility of problems and ensure the actual cleaning effect.

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