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30000psi Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Concrete Cutting Machine

Product Details





Inpurt speed

1480 rpm

High pressure pump

Made In Germany

Rate Pressure

2000 bar / 30000 psi

Water flow


Diesel Engine

575kw 6-cylinder


1. For the machine, pump is Germany WOMA brand;

2. Max pressure can reach 2000bar;

3. High working pressure, can work continuously under high pressure;

4. The machine operates at an impressive pressure of 30000 psi, allowing it to generate a powerful water jet capable of efficiently cutting through tough concrete surfaces. This high pressure ensures clean and precise cuts, even in dense and reinforced concrete. ;

5. The machine incorporates advanced cutting technology, including specialized nozzles and cutting heads designed specifically for concrete cutting applications. These cutting tools deliver focused and controlled water jets, enabling precise and accurate cutting lines.;

6. Unlike traditional cutting methods that generate dust and debris, the water jet cutting technique employed by the machine eliminates dust formation. The water jet effectively suppresses dust particles during the cutting process, creating a cleaner and safer working environment..

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High pressure hose

Bear Pressure 304Mpa

100 meters

Cutting nozzle

bear pressure 3000bar

1 set

Cutting concrete



Cutting efficiency

0.3 m3/h



1. Marine rust paint removal;

2. Concrete cutting;

3. Concrete surface roughening;

4. Industrial pipe/tank cleaning;

5. Building wall cutting;

30000psi Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Concrete Cutting Machine. Designed for precision and power, our machine combines the force of ultra-high-pressure water with advanced cutting technology to deliver exceptional results in concrete cutting applications. With its ability to generate immense water pressure, this machine effortlessly slices through concrete surfaces, providing clean and precise cuts without causing damage or creating dust. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, our UHP water jet concrete cutting machine offers a versatile and eco-friendly solution for construction, demolition, and renovation projects, ensuring faster, safer, and more accurate cutting operations.

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