40000psi Ultra High Pressure Hydro Jet Cleaning Equipment

Product Details





Inpurt speed

1480 rpm

High pressure pump

Made In Germany

Rate Pressure

2800 bar / 40600 psi

Water flow

31 L/min

Diesel Engine

225kw 6-cylinder


1. For the machine, pump is Germany WOMA brand;

2. Max pressure can reach 3000bar;

3. High working pressure, can work continuously under high pressure;

4. Can meet the power plant cleaning partition, auto factory in addition to paint, petrochemical industry to remove a variety of difficult to wash hard scale and other special needs;

5. Rich configuration, can meet the cleaning needs of all walks of life;

6. We have diesel engine drive and electric motor drive for your choice.





High pressure hose

Bear Pressure 304Mpa

50 meters

High pressure gun


1 set

Four holes rotating nozzle



Spare Parts


1 set


1. Marine rust paint removal;

2. Concrete cutting;

3. Concrete surface roughening;

4. Industrial pipe/tank cleaning;

5. Building wall cutting;

40000psi ultra high pressure hydro jet cleaning equipment, a cutting-edge solution that redefines the standards of industrial cleaning. With an astounding pressure rating of 40000psi/2800bar; this equipment delivers an unmatched level of power and precision.

Designed for the toughest cleaning tasks, it effectively removes stubborn deposits, coatings, and contaminants from industrial surfaces, pipes, tanks, and equipment. Equipped with advanced pump technology and specialized nozzles, this ultra high-pressure hydro jet cleaning equipment generates an incredibly focused and forceful water jet that penetrates even the most tenacious substances. With its exceptional cleaning capabilities, it achieves unparalleled results, ensuring optimum cleanliness and operational efficiency.

Trust in the reliability and performance of our 40000psi ultra high pressure hydro jet cleaning equipment to tackle the most demanding cleaning challenges and elevate your industrial cleaning standards to new heights.

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