Introduce of High Pressure Cleaner


High pressure cleaner, also known as high pressure water jet cleaner and high pressure water jet cleaning machine, is an ultra-high pressure water cleaning machine when the pressure reaches more than 500bar. It refers to a cleaning equipment that pressurizes the water through several stages through a high-pressure water conversion device (generally referred to as a high-pressure plunger pump), so that its pressure reaches more than hundreds of atmospheres, and then converts it into a high-speed “water jet” through a specially made injection device with a small aperture.

All kinds of equipment used in the field of industrial production often produce oil dirt, scale, coking, high-temperature polymers, sediments, corrosive substances, etc., which significantly affect the efficiency and safety of equipment operation, and cleaning them is inevitable. Compared with the previous manual cleaning, chemical cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning and even sand blasting, shot blasting and other processes, high-pressure water cleaning (ultra-high pressure water cleaning) highlights its advantages of high efficiency, wide range, good effect and environmental protection.

Application of high pressure water jet cleaner

▲Deoiling, degumming of aviation runway and paint removal of aircraft surface

▲Remove the bauxite scale layer on the inner wall of tank tank, filter screen, mill and sewage tank

▲Pretreatment before paint removal, welding slag removal, chassis and tank groove coating of automobile body

▲Brew and clean the ferment and sediment in the fermentation tank, pipeline, boiler, manifold, etc

▲Cement to remove grease and cement dirt layers of fences, floors, outer walls of pipelines and production equipment, and dirt layers of furnace beds, preheaters, rotary kilns, etc

▲Cleaning and decontamination of chemical and pharmaceutical boilers, heat exchangers, tanks, valves, pipelines, evaporators, reactors, electrolyzers and filters

▲Remove dirt, asphalt, oil stains, tar, cement, adhesives, etc. from the mixing tank, paver, asphalt distributor and asphalt furnace of construction vehicles

▲Remove grease, dirt and residues from barrels, kettles, mixing tanks, conveyor belts, evaporators and heat exchangers during food processing

▲Sand removal and metal oxide scale removal of casting

▲The grease, cement, asphalt, bridge and pavement signs, color dirt, tar, etc. on the highway road construction equipment are clear, and the pavement is broken

▲Removal and paint removal of dirt, marine organism attachment and rust on ship hull, drilling platform, wharf, storage tank, boiler and heat exchanger

▲Meat processing removes grease, blood and smoke from ovens, mixers, barrels and cans

▲Remove the mill scale, rust layer, welding slag, burr, etc. on containers, pipes and tank grooves during mechanical manufacturing

▲Mining cleaning trams, conveyor belts, underground operation lines, shafts, and dredging equipment blockage caused by coal, stones, sludge, and oil dirt

▲Municipal works sewage dredging, public health facilities and building cleaning, and calcium carbon scale removal in water treatment plants

▲Paraffin wax, crude oil residue, mud cleaning of drilling casing and pipeline dredging of oilfield drilling platform and storage tank

▲The dirt on the inner and outer walls of various petrochemical rubber equipment and containers, the crude oil residue and tar dirt in heat exchangers, cooling towers, coking furnaces, and the cleaning of various sediments, rubber, latex, etc

▲Removal of grease, resin, dirt, wood pulp and sugar scale of light industrial heat exchangers, pipelines, paper machines, storage tanks, evaporators and other equipment

▲Metallurgically remove the dirt of heat exchanger, boiler, charging tank and storage bin, roll cleaning, and descaling the rolled surface

▲Cleaning of various inflammable, explosive, nuclear radiation, poison, rocket motor charge and warhead charge by military industry

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