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IBC Tank Automatic Cleaning System

Why do you need an automatic cleaning system for IBC tanks?

When cleaning IBC tanks, the traditional cleaning method is: the first step is to arrange additional personnel to dump and collect, and then clean with a handheld high-pressure water gun, and then naturally air dry after cleaning. This cleaning method requires a lot of manpower, and it is inevitable that the human body will come into contact with the stored materials during the process, which has certain safety hazards. Because there are dead corners inside the IBC barrel, the manual handheld high-pressure water gun cleaning is not comprehensive, and the wastewater after cleaning cannot be collected uniformly, which is easy to cause wastewater to flow across the cleaning site. Natural air drying after cleaning requires a large area, and on the other hand, it undoubtedly increases the cleaning cycle, affecting the reuse of IBC tanks.

In order to achieve efficient, safe and environmentally friendly cleaning of IBC tanks, Guangyuan Cleaning Equipment independently developed and put into use a set of IBC tank automatic cleaning system, using three-dimensional high-pressure water cleaning technology to achieve comprehensive cleaning of the inside of the IBC tanks, and combined with residual extraction, efficiency, water control and other mechanisms to achieve a one-stop cleaning process for IBC tanks.

Advantage of IBC barrel automatic cleaning equipment system:

1. Independently designed according to customer working conditions, automated internal and external cleaning and disinfection, simple operation, stable performance, high cleaning efficiency;

2. The cleaning time of each IBC barrel is about 2~4 minutes/barrel, saving manpower and material resources, greatly improving production efficiency, and greatly reducing labor intensity;

3. Solve the problem of difficulty in recruiting cleaning workers, greatly improve the working environment and be more environmentally friendly;

4. The system can be equipped with 5-500bar pressure cleaning to solve cleaning problems in various working conditions;

5. This system uses a precise 360° three-dimensional cleaning head with no dead angle, which has a large impact force and low liquid consumption, and truly realizes the problem of no dead angle cleaning;

6. Only 1-2 manual operations are required, with high economic benefits, and the investment cost can be recovered quickly, and the quality and production capacity are also greatly improved.

The IBC tank automatic cleaning system project will adopt an automatic assembly line method, divided into 4 programs (Program 1 is normal internal and external cleaning, Program 2 is no cleaning, Program 3 cleans the outside, and Program 4 cleans the inside) to achieve automatic cleaning of the inside and outside of the IBC tanks.

The automated high-pressure water IBC tank cleaning line is in the shape of a "one", with upper and lower barrel storage areas. The square barrels are in two layers, realizing automatic loading and unloading. The ground conveying structure is a plate chain transmission, which consists of a loading station, a recycling station, an internal cleaning station, an external cleaning station, a water absorption station, a water control station, and a disinfection station. The entire cleaning process includes the square barrels being placed in the upper barrel storage area for washing → conveyed to the upper barrel station → residual liquid recovery and dilution → external cleaning → barrel cleaning → slag removal → rinsing → draining → disinfection → offline → conveyed to the lower barrel storage area.

1. Before cleaning, the residual liquid is automatically recovered without manual dumping, which improves the efficiency and safety of residual liquid recovery;

2. During cleaning: three-dimensional high-pressure water cleaning is used, which can clean the inside of the ton barrel 360° without dead angles, improving the internal cleaning efficiency and quality;

3. After cleaning: the IBC barrel is automatically drained, without the need for separate water control, saving cleaning space and making the inside of the ton barrel dry and clean after cleaning;

4.Add disinfection process: reduce secondary pollution of ton barrels, improve the cleanliness of the internal container of ton barrels for products, and after the process is completed, the inside is dry and clean, and the IBC barrel can be directly reused.


The automatic IBC tank cleaning system is widely used for cleaning IBC barrel for storage and transportation, plastic barrels, iron oil barrels, ink barrels and other raw material chemical barrels. The effect will have a direct impact on the overall productivity of an enterprise. Providing fast, efficient and effective cleaning, you will see significant improvements in cost and productivity.

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