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IBC Tank Automatic Cleaning Hydro Blasting Machine

Product Details





Rate Pressure


Water flow


Plunger diameter


Inpurt speed

1480 rpm

Pump speed

1480 rpm

Plunger stroke

21 mm

Electric motor



1500mm length*1000mm width*1500mm height

Main Features

1.High pressure pump imported from Italy UDOR, copper pump head, ceramic plunger;

2.The pressure regulating valve is stainless steel body, alloy valve core;

3.Resistance of high temperature,high pressure, corrosion;

4.Small size and light weight, easy to move and operate;

5.High endurance, can be used for 24 hours continuous working;

6.Pure high-pressure water physical cleaning, no need to add any chemical agents, environmental protection and pollution-free.


high pressure hose


cleaning nozzle


High pressure gun


Remote control



1.IBC Tank cleaning

2.Floor cleaning

3.Cooking tank cleaning

IBC Tank refers to IBC intermediate bulk container. It is an essential tool for modern storage and transportation of liquid products. The container barrel is composed of an inner container and a metal frame. The inner container is blow-molded with high molecular weight and high-density polyethylene, which has high strength, corrosion resistance and good hygiene. Packaging in container barrels can greatly reduce production, storage, transportation, and operating costs, and save a lot of manpower and material resources. Ton barrels can be reused, but they must be cleaned each time to ensure that the liquid or materials inside will not be Impurity contamination.

Guangyuan Cleaning Equipment has developed an automatic IBC Tank cleaning hydro blasting machine based on the characteristics and cleaning needs of IBC Tank. Two high-pressure hoses extend from the main machine, and one high-pressure hose is attached to the telescopic rod next to the main machine. The telescopic rod can be bent and stretched. Inside the IBC Tank, a three-dimensional rotating nozzle is equipped to clean the inside of the IBC Tank with a 360° high-pressure water jet. Another high-pressure hose can simultaneously clean the outside of the IBC Tank with high-pressure water jet. The average time to clean a IBC Tank is 2-6 minutes ( Depending on the degree of dirt of the ton barrel), the system can clean the inside and outside of the IBC Tank in an all-round and rapid manner. The cleaning efficiency is high and the labor burden on the staff is small. It is suitable for today's IBC Tank cleaning industry. ​

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