Ground Marking High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Machine

Product Details





Rate Pressure

1000 bar / 14500 psi

Water flow

50 L/min

Plunger diameter


Inpurt speed

1480 rpm

Pump speed

405 rpm

Plunger stroke

95 mm

Electric motor drive

90kw, 3Phase, 440v/60Hz


1.For the machine, pump is use the tech. of Germany KAMAT.

2. Pressure is stable and reliable, easy to be adjust.

3. It is installed with a high-pressure alarm and high-temperature alarm for water conservation.

4. Has two filter, for inlet water filter out. Could be filter out the tiny particles from the inlet water. Good for long-working life of the pump.

5. big power,strong

6. With a high-pressure alarm and high-temperature alarm for water conservation.

7. Could be used on starch factory, steel mill, chemical plant, power plant, for cleaning and maintenance. 




High pressure hose

30 meters

Spare filter bag

1 set

Trolley rotating nozzle

1 set

Explosive film

2 pcs


1 set


20 pcs

1000bar Ground Marking High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Machine is equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning functions that ensure exceptional cleaning performance. With its powerful 1000 bar operating pressure, it generates a highly focused water jet that effortlessly tackles the toughest cleaning challenges. This high-pressure water jet effectively removes stubborn dirt, grime, scale, rust, and coatings from a wide range of surfaces. From heavy machinery and equipment to pipelines, tanks, and industrial structures, our cleaning machine delivers precise and thorough cleaning, leaving surfaces immaculately clean and ready for further processing or inspection. 


1.Many area industrial cleaning purpose, heat exchanger tube cleaning, condenser tube cleaning, pipe cleaning, reactor tank cleaning, filter screen cleaning, boil cleaning, tank cleaning, etc…

2. Ground marking cleaning;

3. Airport runway oil and glue removal;

4. Cement plant pipe cleaning, grease remove from the equipment surface, fouling layer removal

5. Construction industry, car/truck cleaning, mixing drum/tank cleaning, tar/cement/agglutinant cleaning, etc

6. Food processing plant, mixing tank cleaning, grease/ fouling layer / residual removal, evaporator/boil cleaning, etc

7. Shipyard rust removal, paint removal, ship hull cleaning, boat surface cleaning, dirt removal, sea creatures remove from the hull bottom.

8. Metallurgy plant, heat exchanger tube cleaning, boil, feed tank, warehouse dirt cleaning, descale removal

9. Machine producing plant, volume / pipe / tank / rust / oxide skin cleaning…

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