Concrete Cutting System Intelligent Crushing Robot Delivered To Beijing


Last month our customer ordered an high pressure water jet Concrete Cutting System Intelligent Crushing Robot from us,and we have completed the order and delivered the equipment to its destination Beijing yesterday.


30000psi Ultra High Pressure Water Jet Concrete Cutting System Intelligent Crushing Robot. Designed for precision and power, our machine combines the force of ultra-high-pressure water with advanced cutting technology to deliver exceptional results in concrete cutting applications. With its ability to generate immense water pressure, this machine effortlessly slices through concrete surfaces, providing clean and precise cuts without causing damage or creating dust. Engineered for efficiency and reliability, our UHP water jet concrete cutting machine offers a versatile and eco-friendly solution for construction, demolition, and renovation projects, ensuring faster, safer, and more accurate cutting operations.


Model: GYB-30000
High pressure pump: Germany WOMA brand pump
Rate pressure: 2000bar/30000psi
Water flow: 105L/min
Diesel engine:575kw;6-cylinder
Variable frequency motor drive
PLC control system;
Remote control start and stop
Smart touch screen operation
Concrete cutting system: Automatic cutting system Crawler movement


Ultra High-Pressure Water Jet Concrete Cutting System Intelligent Crushing Robot is widely used in concrete water conservancy demolition operations such as roads and bridges, coastal dams, tunnels and culverts, highways, and building walls.


30000psi Ultra High-Pressure Water Jet Concrete Cutting System Intelligent Crushing Robot is equipped with a range of features that enhance its performance and effectiveness in cutting through concrete. Here are some key features:

    • UltraHigh Pressure: The machine operates at an impressive pressure of 30000 psi, allowing it to generate a powerful water jet capable of efficiently cutting through tough concrete surfaces. This high pressure ensures clean and precise cuts, even in dense and reinforced concrete. 
    • Advanced Cutting Technology: The machine incorporates advanced cutting technology, including specialized nozzles and cutting heads designed specifically for concrete cutting applications. These cutting tools deliver focused and controlled water jets, enabling precise and accurate cutting lines.
    • Dust-Free Cutting: Unlike traditional cutting methods that generate dust and debris, the water jet cutting technique employed by the machine eliminates dust formation. The water jet effectively suppresses dust particles during the cutting process, creating a cleaner and safer working environment. 
    • Non-Destructive Cutting: The ultra-high-pressure water jet cutting method is non-destructive to the surrounding concrete. It does not cause cracks, heat-affected zones, or micro-fractures that can compromise the structural integrity of the material. This feature ensures minimal damage to the overall concrete structure. 
    • Versatility and Flexibility: The machine offers versatility in cutting various types of concrete, including slabs, walls, beams, and pillars. It can handle different thicknesses and densities of concrete, adapting to a wide range of cutting requirements. 
    • Precision and Control: The machine provides precise control over the cutting process. Operators can adjust the water pressure, flow rate, and cutting speed to achieve the desired cutting depth and accuracy. This level of control allows for intricate and detailed cutting operations. 


ZhengZhou GuangYuan Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd. is a reputable manufacturer specializing in high-pressure water jetting machines, providing cutting-edge solutions for a wide range of industrial cleaning and cutting applications. With our unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the industry.

At ZhengZhou GuangYuan Cleaning Equipment Co., Ltd., we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge high-pressure water jetting solutions that exceed industry standards. We strive to deliver innovative and reliable machines that optimize efficiency, enhance productivity, and provide exceptional cutting results.

With our commitment to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and exceptional after-sales service, we aim to be the preferred choice for high-pressure water jetting machines, especially in the field of 30000psi Ultra HP Water Jet Concrete Cutting.

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