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Automatic cleaning system for tank reactors

Overview of automatic reactor cleaning equipment

Automatic reactor cleaning equipment is mature and stable, replacing manual cleaning, with a high degree of automation. It only requires one person to operate, greatly improving cleaning efficiency, reducing labor intensity, and having good cleaning effects. It does not require entering the reactor. The mechanical arm is used to perform fixed-point cleaning on the left and right sides of the stirring shaft. The depth of descent, cleaning time, and number of cleaning points can be adjusted arbitrarily according to actual conditions, and is suitable for cleaning reactors and containers of various types and volumes.

The working mode is fully automatic control with a high degree of automation. Only the operator needs to monitor and control the entire cleaning process and assist. There is no need to manually enter the kettle for cleaning, which adds a guarantee for the safety of workers and reduces the workload of workers. It also improves work efficiency and can greatly shorten the cleaning time, thereby saving more cleaning agents and truly saving time, effort and cost.

Choosing the best solution to thoroughly clean your reactor while minimizing the use of expensive chemicals, water and manpower is undoubtedly a very challenging topic. With just some simple changes or trying to replace the cleaning equipment, you can greatly improve the cleaning efficiency. With the advancement of technology, stubborn residues are removed faster, the cleaning cycle is greatly shortened, and the level of automation is greatly improved.

The lifting structure is adopted to realize the fixed-point cleaning at different depths inside the reactor. There is no need to enter the reactor, and the inner wall of the reactor can be cleaned 360 degrees without dead angles. During automatic cleaning, there is basically no water splashing outside the reactor, and there is no need to make any changes to the reactor body.

Features of reactor cleaning system:

1. Cleaning effect is more consistent and thorough;

2. Avoid direct contact with hazardous chemicals, and the safety of workers is better guaranteed;

3. Cleaning speed is faster, downtime is minimized, and the reactor can be quickly restored to working condition;

4. The amount of cleaning water and chemicals is greatly reduced, and the cost of waste liquid treatment is reduced at the same time;

5. The labor force liberated from the cleaning operation can create other benefits for the enterprise.

Advantages of reactor cleaning system:

1. High cleaning efficiency

This reactor cleaning equipment can not only work continuously for a long time, but also shorten the cleaning process time, thereby improving production efficiency. Compared with manual cleaning, the automation time can be shortened by 90%, and the reactor can be quickly restored to use.

2. Low cleaning cost

After the automatic cleaning system of this reactor replaces manual cleaning, the water consumption can be reduced by 50%~75%. At the same time, the automation equipment can be purchased once and can be used repeatedly, effectively reducing labor costs.

3. High cleaning safety

Automated cleaning no longer requires personnel to enter the reactor and remove the risk of toxic substances, so the accident rate of personnel is zero, ensuring personnel safety.

4. No environmental pollution

High-pressure water jet cleaning uses water as the medium, which is odorless, tasteless and non-toxic. After the jet is atomized, it can reduce the air dust concentration in the working area and reduce the atmospheric dust to below the national safety standards. Water jet cleaning does not emit harmful substances, avoiding the environmental pollution problems that may be caused by chemical cleaning.

The use of high-pressure water jet fully automatic reactor cleaning system to replace the traditional backward cleaning technology for reactor cleaning can greatly improve the cleaning quality and cleaning efficiency, improve the working environment, and avoid environmental pollution. With the advancement of high-pressure water application technology, the quality and performance of high-pressure pumps and supporting equipment and auxiliary devices have been steadily improved, further ensuring the quality and reliability of cleaning.

Suitable for cleaning vertical and horizontal reactors, polymerization reactors, pharmaceutical reactors, enamel reactors, stirring reactors, chemical reactors, glass reactors and other types of reactors.

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