Automatic Aluminum Formwork Cleaning System


Application background
As the requirements for building quality continue to increase, the requirements for concrete-poured structures during construction are becoming more and more stringent. Aluminum formwork has been widely used for its good sealing, high flatness, light weight, and reusability. favor and promotion. But the concrete that sticks to it after construction is difficult to remove. The traditional shot blasting process or pickling will cause great wear and tear on the surface of the aluminum formwork, which is not conducive to the recycling of the aluminum formwork. High-pressure water cleaning can peel the concrete from the surface of the aluminum formwork without causing any damage to the formwork, which greatly increases the service life and number of cycles of the formwork.

Product parameters

Working pressure:1200bar/120

PLC control system with 90kw variable frequency motor drive;

Water inlet filter: Filtration accuracy 10 microns

Gantry frame type automatic cleaning device

How does the automatic aluminum formwork cleaning system operating?

There has a cleaning area around the gantry frame, such length 10 meters, width 4-5 meters; and put the regular flat aluminum formwork lay flat in the cleaning area, then open the cleaning system and automatic cleaning system on the gantry frame, then the cleaning nozzle will start to cleaning; during cleaning, it can auto move side from side to side, and from front to back

Key Features of auto aluminum formwork cleaning system:

1.high pressure fresh water cleaning, no any hard on the aluminum formwork, Improve the reuse rate and reduce the cost;

2.Semi-Automatic Operation: Our user-friendly interface allows for simple and efficient operation. With just a few clicks, the water jet cleaning Pro takes over the cleaning process, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing productivity on the construction site.

3.Time and Cost Efficiency: With the water jet cleaning Pro, say goodbye to time-consuming and labor-intensive manual cleaning processes. The automated system drastically reduces cleaning time, allowing for faster water jet cleaning turnaround and increased project efficiency. Save on labor costs and enhance overall project profitability.

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