Four High Pressure Cleaners Delivered to Offshore Oil Engineering Co., LTD


Two weeks ago, Offshore Oil Engineering (Qingdao) Co., LTD signed a contract with our company to order four high pressure water jet cleaning equipments. We have completed these high pressure cleaning equipments as scheduled and delivered them to our customer on August 25, 2023.


The four equipments ordered by our customer are two 1200bar 70L/min high pressure cleaning equipments, one 1000bar 50L/min high pressure cleaning machine and one 300bar 23Lmin high pressure cleaner. We will focus on introducing the 1200bar 70L/min high-pressure water jet cleaning equipment, as this equipment is widely used in the offshore oil industry.

Product Features:
1.High pressure pump introduced Germany KAMAT advanced technology;
2.Stainless steel pump head; Stainless steel nickel-plated plunger, forced water cooling;
3.The water seal is made of ductile iron imported from the United States;
4.Good heat dissipation, hard texture, not easy to deformation;
5.The crankcase at the power end is lubricated with forced lubrication, which reduces the temperature of the crankcase;
6.Smooth and reliable transmission, reduce friction coefficient, improve lubricity;
7.Pure high pressure water physical cleaning, no need to add any chemical agents when used, no pollution, is the national promotion of green environmental protection high-tech products.

Application Fields:

It is suitable for ultra-high pressure water jet cleaning, metal cutting, ship cleaning and rust removal, chemical plant, sugar factory, power plant condenser, heat exchanger, evaporation tank, boiler and other kinds of reactor descaling cleaning, bridge,house concrete removal, Vinyl plant, fertilizer plant, coal chemical industry, power plant, resin factory, ship, automobile painting room, equipment renovation, paint, rust removal, ground, wall oil, airport runway glue marks, marking line, pipeline cleaning and dredging, etc…

1200bar high pressure water jet cleaning equipment, a state-of-the-art solution for tackling the toughest industrial cleaning challenges. With its impressive pressure rating of 1200 bar/18000psi, this equipment offers exceptional power and precision for various hydro jetting applications. Designed to efficiently remove stubborn deposits, blockages, and contaminants, it is highly effective in cleaning industrial pipelines, tanks, heat exchangers, and surfaces. Equipped with cutting-edge pump technology and specialized nozzles, this equipment generates a focused and forceful water jet that penetrates deep into the target area, providing thorough and efficient cleaning results. Whether it’s removing hardened scale, corrosion, or tough residues, our 1200bar high-pressure hydro jetting equipment delivers unmatched cleaning performance, improving productivity, and maintaining the integrity of critical industrial systems.

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