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  • 产品名称: Gasoline engine Sewer Drain Cl...
  • Model: GY-50/180
  • Rate Pressure: 180bar; Water flow: 50 L/min
  • Water flow: 50 L/min
  • Electric power:
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   1480 rpm

High pressure pump

   Italy COMET Brand;

Rate Pressure

   180 bar / 2600 psi

Water flow

   50 L/min

Plunger dia.


Gasoline engine

   24HP, double-cylinder, HONDA Brand, GX690


  2. Characteristic:


  1. Pump Head: Cooper material, High pressure resistant, high tem. resistant;

  2. Plunger: Ceramic material, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance.

  3. High pressure pump: Three plunger reciprocating, forced lubrication;

  4. Pressure Regulating valve: Alloy valve spool and Alloy valve seat;

  5. Gasoline: HONDA Brand; With high quality and long working time.


  3. Maine Machine include:





High pressure pump

   180bar; 50 L/min; Italy COMET Brand

1 set

Pressure regulating valve

   Details0-180bar can be adjust

1 pc

Pressure gauge

   Details Details Data 0-600bar

1 pc

Gasoline engine

   Details 24HP; HONDA Brand; Model: GX690

1 set

Fuel Tank

   Volume 100L

1 set

Storage Battery

   12V 45Ah

1 set

Connect belt

   Connect the pump with engine

3 pc

Ball Valve

   Control the nozzle working

1 set

Y-type Filter

   Water inlet filter

1 set

Hose Reel

   To hold the high pressure hose

1 set

Movable chassis

   With 4 small wheels, easy to be moved

1 set


  4. Accessories:




High pressure hose

   DN13; Bear Pressure 22Mpa

Sewer cleaning nozzle

   DN40 Mul-ti hole cleaning nozzle

Water spray gun

   For surface dirt cleaning

Fan-shaped nozzle

   Connect with the water spray gun



  5. Sewer cleaning machine has three driven type for your choose:

  Electric motor drive (Model: 50/150) 配图

  Gasoline engine drive (Model: 50/180) 配图

  Diesel engine drive ( Model: 50/220) 配图


  6. Application:

  1. Municipal pipeline cleaning;

  2. Housing estate, hotel, restaurant, factory sewer pipe cleaning;

  3. Ground surface cleaning, car cleaning, wall surface dirt cleaning, etc.


  7. Packing and shipping



  8. Certificate:



  9. Service:









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